System-on-chip debug firm appoints former PicoChip exec as CEO

April 09, 2015 // By Peter Clarke & Graham Prophet
UltraSoC Technologies, a Cambridge, UK company working to commercially implement new techniques of debugging and analytical technology for multiprocessor embedded systems, has appointed Rupert Baines as CEO.

Baines takes over from Graham Pink who was interim CEO following the departure of Karl Heeks in December 2014.

UltraSoC (Cambridge, England) was originally founded in 2005 to commercialise work done at the University of Kent on chip design and systems development tools for embedded multiprocessor system on chip (MPSOC) design. Later work done at the University of Essex under Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier, who is a co-founder of the company, was added. Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier is the company's chief scientific officer.

UltraSoC’s core offering embeds debug and analysis capabilities into multicore SoCs, aiming to provide radically better insights into system-level behaviour than has previously been possible, and showing how the major functional blocks on a complete chip are operating both individually, and in their system-level interactions. "Think of it," Baines says, "as JTAG taken to a new level." UltraSoC's techology requires instrumentation at both hardware (RTL) and software level, but the Baines says the extra overhead is small.  It can function as a development debugger, and also be left in place in a deployed system as a logger and "black-box crash recorder". The company characterises this part of its offering as " features such as in-service power consumption optimisation, self-testing and failure detection."

Baines was previously vice president of strategic marketing at Mindspeed following that company’s acquisition of Picochip (now part of Intel), where Baines had served as vice president of marketing. His history includes time with Atlantic Telecom, Pond Ventures and Analog Devices.

"UltraSoC has a great team and game-changing technology," said Baines, in a statement. "We're not only empowering designers to create better products first-up, more quickly and easily – we're also giving them the opportunity to use connectedness and analytics to refine the performance and features of those products when they’re actually in use. This really has never been possible before."

Chris Gilbert, chairman of the UltraSoC board of directors said: "We believe his passion and ability