System-in-package motor drive simplifies appliance designs

June 02, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
International Rectifier recently introduced a new generation of energy-efficient Intelligent Power Modules (IPM). The second generation (Gen2) family of IRAM System-In-Package (SIP) IPMs shrinks and simplifies the design of appliance motor drive, and small industrial, applications.

Describing the product line as the biggest step forward in this sector for some time, an IR spokesman cited the mechanical and thermal re-design and incorporation of IR’s advanced Trench IGBTs; the SiPs also include a three-phase gate driver IC.

The IRAM SiP1A Gen2 modules also feature upgraded thermo-mechanical technology to improve thermal performance and system efficiency by delivering increased power density and enhanced system ruggedness and reliability. The package is no longer over-moulded with an exposed thermal pad on one face, with all internal power devices on heat spreaders. The new devices are pin-to-pin compatible with the existing IRAM SiP1A series.

The package design yields a 50% reduction in themal “spike” effects and compared to similarly dimensioned devices of the first generation, handle 30% more current, at up to 20A, equipping them for light industrial applications as well as appliances.