TeakLite-4 DSP IP gets its own hardware development platform

October 22, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
IP provider CEVA is best known for its DSP IP for SoC designs – although the company is also increasingly active in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity – and has now designed a development-platform-chip which is being made available to its IP customers, hosted on a broadly-programmable development board that also includes Arduino connectivity.

Unlike other IP companies, CEVA says, it has always built silicon with its own IP as proving vehicles; this chip has been fabbed for it by SMIC in a 55-nm process. It contains a TeakLite-4 DSP core plus a wide assortment of peripheral and connectivity option. In the development platform it comes on a PCB with a Zynq (Xilinx) SoC that provides CPU (ARM core) and user-FPGA space. Developers will be able to, “streamline development of low-power ‘smart and connected’ devices,” CEAV says.

The company is careful to state that this is strictly a development vehicle and does not foreshadow any move to CEVA producing its own silicon for sale. “When our DSP is implemented [on a customer’s SoC] it is in a tiny silicon area... this [development chip] is large by comparison, it could never be a commercial proposition,” a spokesman commented. Positioning the platform, the company says that it will be available to prospective customers that will later integrate its IP on and SoC; it is not intended, and will not be available, for the wider “experimenter” market.

The highly integrated CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP platform combines multiple sensing, processing and connectivity technologies enabling rapid system prototyping for mobile, wearable and smarthome SoC designs. The platform comes complete with drivers for all of the supplied peripherals.

Running at 500MHz, the power-optimised DSP provides designers with a powerful means to add ‘smart and connected’ capabilities to these devices, including always-on sensing, local processing and intelligence and connectivity. The platform also provides real-time power measurement that allows developers to optimise and power-tune their DSP software.

The CEVA Smart and Connected Development Platform incorporates the following elements:

· DSP development chip: 500MHz CEVA-TeakLite-4 and subsystem of integrated peripherals (TDM, DMA, I ²C, I ²S, ICU, Timers, GPIO, etc.)

· Host CPU: Linux running on-board ARM Cortex-A9 for complete CPU + DSP system prototyping

· Connectivity: multiple wireless technologies available from CEVA