Teardown: WeMo Switch is highly integrated

November 16, 2015 // By Brian Dipert
I've written a lot about home automation systems over the years, mostly those based on the Insteon powerline protocol. More recently, Belkin has come up with a Wi-Fi-based approach called WeMo, which I've been testing in conjunction with Amazon's Echo voice-activated virtual assistant.

After you associate a WeMo device with your wireless network via an Android or iOS application, you're subsequently able to control that device via the same application while on your LAN, or optionally even through a WAN connection.

Hands-on evaluation results will be published soon; for now I'd like to share my hands-on disassembly results, specifically on a WeMo Switch. The more advanced Insight Switch, which supports both control and power-consumption monitoring functions, was previously discussed on EDN last year.

Here's what my particular unit looks like from the back, along with a closeup of the product-info sticker:

The two halves of the chassis are held together with four screws, whose heads are of the triangular anti-tamper flavour:

Two of the four are visible; the others are underneath the sticker:

This is what the inside of the back shell looks like,,,[next]