Tektronix acquires high-speed analogue measurement specialist Picosecond Pulse Labs

January 17, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Tektronix has announced that it has bought Picosecond Pulse Labs, a move that Tek says will strengthen its portfolio in the growing market for test equipment to support 100G/400G optical data communications research and development.

Picosecond Pulse Labs , based in Boulder, Colorado, makes products that include ultra-high-speed pattern generators, pulse generators claimed as the world's fastest; and highest bandwidth sampler modules. The company recently introduced the PatternPro line that includes multi-channel 32 Gb/sec data generators and analysers for 100G/400G applications.

Amir Aghdaei, president of Tektronix comments; “Picosecond Pulse Labs has a long history of designing and manufacturing cutting-edge instrumentation and brings a particular focus on the high-speed optical test market with its new 32 Gb/sec error detectors and pattern generators... combined with our high-speed oscilloscopes and other product offerings, Picosecond will further strengthen our portfolio of solutions in the critical 100G/400G data communications segment."

Tektronix; www.tektronix.com