Tektronix Communications enables smooth transition to next-genertion networks

May 16, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Tektronix Communications is helping operators make the transition to next generation networks with the newly enhanced, award-winning Spectra2 core network test solution.

As operators upgrade their network technologies to LTE, IMS and IP to meet the needs of today's data-hungry consumers, they must continue to ensure the end-to-end quality of network and services. To do so, equipment manufacturers and operators need to fully characterize and test their networks, subsystems and new network elements to ensure that they are operating properly and within specification under loaded conditions that simulate real-world traffic.

"As operators transition from legacy TDM to all-IP networks, innovative solutions are required that can bridge both legacy and next-generation technology domains to ensure a smooth transition for the operator and their customers," said Chris Buhlmann, Vice President and General Manager, Core Test Business, Tektronix Communications. "With overall improved performance, new hardware modules, flexible chassis options, and as the only integrated solution on the market that can test IMS, NGN, VoIP and legacy PSTN technologies, Spectra2 V8.0 meets the needs of the market for the next wave of application and media growth in the connected world."

With hundreds of users around the world, release 8.0 for the Spectra2 will provide equipment manufacturers and network operators with the performance and required flexibility to fully characterize and test their legacy and next-generation network elements and sub-systems. This is especially important today given the increasing complexity and functionality of network components that are being designed for use in multi-vendor and multi-protocol environments, hence accelerating the need for a high-performance functional and load test system that allows engineers to more accurately test and optimize their components under real-world conditions before they move to production, where errors are considerably more expensive to fix.

The Spectra2 3U is a high performance chassis geared towards multi-user, multi-workspace functional and load test environments, with two hexacore processors and a native 64-bit operating environment for improved performance across legacy and next-generation protocols and technologies. With the V8.0 release, Spectra2 3U delivers breakthrough performance in calls per second (CPS) and the number