Tektronix expands 100G electrical test

September 23, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Tektronix has introduced the first multi-function 32 Gbps linear equalisers, and enhancements to multi-channel BERTs for receiver test. The company will also release an automated compliance test suite for CEI-28G-VSR transmitter test

Adding to its portfolio of instrumentation and software to support designers working on the electrical side of 100 Gbps communication systems, Tek's introductions include (pictured above) the LE320, a 2-differential channel, 9-tap linear equaliser supporting data rates up to 32 Gbps as part of a BERTScope receiver test system; new options for the PPG/PED multi-channel BERTs that provide signal impairments and output adjustment at data rates up to 32 Gbps, as well as, a new 40 Gbps error detector model; and Option CEI-VSR that automates the DSA8300 Sampling Oscilloscope to perform required compliance tests for the CEI-28G-VSRstandard.

The need for 4x25G testing is becoming more important as the industry moves from silicon design to transceiver and system design. Designers are creating innovative network elements that allow up to 100 Gbps, which will be delivered using four lanes of 25-28 Gbps. Design challenges emerge when transmitting these high frequencies on printed circuit boards, even for short distances. The LE320 provides test engineers with versatile output signal conditioning and tunable input equalisation to create an optimal system for testing four electrical channels operating at 25-28 Gbps each; a complement to the multi-channel capabilities of the enhanced line of PPG/PED pattern generator and error detector products. The Sampling Oscilloscope Option CEI-VSR will ensure efficient and consistent compliance testing support so that design teams can smooth the transition to manufacturing.

"As 100G moves into the mainstream, we are providing two critical additions to our portfolio that address challenges in 4x25G electrical PHY testing for chips, gearboxes, transceivers and systems," said Brian Reich, general manager, Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. "For receiver testing we've enhanced our BERTScope with support for electronic channel modelling and equalisation while adding 40 Gbps support to our multi-channel BERT. And for transmitter electrical testing we are providing designers with an automated solution for CEI-28G-VSR."

Designers developing systems that run at 10 Gbps or faster need an equaliser in front of Rx inputs