Tektronix/Keithley adds high-current/power bench PSU variants

October 07, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Tektronix has introduced eight programmable DC power supplies to the Keithley Series 2260B power supply family, including six 250V and 800V high voltage models, a 108A high current model and a 80V/40A 1080W high power model.

The new additions expand the test applications for the Series 2260B family, allowing the supplies to source higher power, high voltage, and higher current components, sub-assemblies, and products. In all configurations, Series 2260B power supplies feature programmable rise and fall time control for both the voltage and the current waveforms. This allow engineers to create customised output voltage source waveforms and to avoid overshoot and potential damage to a device-under-test due to high inrush current. An embedded programmable output resistance feature allows users to simulate the output of a battery for testing higher power portable battery products.

The compact size of the series 2260B supplies allows six 360W supplies, or three 720W supplies, or two 1080W supplies to be rack-mounted in a single row. All eight new Keithley Series 2260B DC power supplies are available, with prices starting at $1,800.

Tektronix; http://www.tek.com/dc-power-supply/series-2260b-360w-and-720w