Test 4FF cards operate in devices that use different form factors

July 24, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Shortly after ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) released the fourth form factor (4FF), Comprion has launched a new Test (U)SIM and various adaptors in the new format.

The 4FF form factor is only 12.3x8.8x0.67mm, also called Nano SIM, it is 40% smaller than the current Mini-UICC. Handset manufacturers and infrastructure suppliers use Test (U)SIMs to test their new mobile phones and devices and to ensure their full functionality without having access to a live network. The new 4FF card is a 128K/J LTE Test (U)SIM with the latest LTE data fields. The test card has three applications – SIM, USIM and ISIM – and supports the three voltage classes 1.8V, 3V and 5V. The 4FF cards are backwards compatible. By using adaptors they can also operate in devices that use different form factors. Comprion offers two new adaptors for converting 4FF cards into the 2FF (Plug-In) or into the 3FF (Mini-UICC) format.

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