Test kit evaluates mobile communication performance

February 08, 2016 // By Julien Happich
To better attend the needs of telecom engineers involved in the roll-out and upkeep of modern mobile network infrastructure, Microlease has just introduced its Wireless Tool Box.

The complete rental package includes all the different items of equipment needed for tacking the multitude of different communication standards now being employed in wireless networks (LTE, UMTS, GSM-900, DSC-1800 and in many cases TETRA).
With ample scope to mix and match an expansive range of options direct from stock, the Wireless Tool Box encompasses each of the following elements: Cable and antenna testers, supporting fibre optic test activities; transmission testers for evaluation of the consortium-backed wireless communication protocols now emerging (CPRI, OBSAI, etc.); short range optical time domain reflectometers, ultra-portable antenna alignment systems, personal radiation monitors for protecting staff when in the field; electro-magnetic field strength monitoring equipment; sophisticated tools for facilitating base station integration, and dual band PIM analysers.

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