Testing Enhanced Multicast Broadcast Multimedia Services

January 26, 2015 // By Testing Enhanced Multicast Broadcast Multimedia Services
Anritsu has released a protocol test solution for eMBMS - Enhanced Multicast Broadcast Multimedia Services, helping mobile chipset and device makers accelerate the development of products that can receive LTE broadcast services.

Expway’s e-Cast Broadcast Multicast Service Center (BM-SC) Server has been integrated with Anritsu’s MD8430A LTE signalling tester and Rapid Test Designer (RTD) test environment to create a complete test solution.

eMBMS allows the LTE network infrastructure to be used for the efficient delivery of content services such as live video from sporting events. It enables carriers to adjust coverage and capacity as needed, allowing for more efficient use of network resources. The BM-SC is a key element within all LTE networks that support eMBMS, controlling the distribution of media content to the end users.

Integration of the BM-SC into Anritsu’s offering provides a method for device makers to effectively simulate LTE broadcast service delivery in the laboratory using a real network eMBMS server. This provides the most effective way to debug device implementation and accurately reproduce the end user experience. Until now, only basic functions could be tested in the laboratory by streaming media files to a device with fixed transmission parameters. Anritsu’s solution enables more in-depth simulation of functions such as automatic file repair and reception reporting, with dynamic configuration changes.

Anritsu; www.anritsu.com