Thermal imaging sensor records up to 100 images per second

April 30, 2015 // By Julien Happich
EVT has developed its own thermal imaging sensor, the ThermoCam LC, applicable to the thermographic command set of the company's EyeVision software. The 32x8 pixels module was developed to provide low cost infrared solutions for the machine vision industry.

It allows an image capture of up to 100 images per second and is delivered already pre-calibrated. The noise (NETD) is also only 0,2K, which guarantees thermal images with high resolution and means that the TCLC camera can work in conditions where a less sensitive camera may not find problems (such as scratches and other errors in the measured material).
Also a reduced noise means that it is easier to focus the camera and to identify objects in the IR-image. The unit works in a measurement range of -50 to +300°C with an optional opening angle of 40°, 60° or 120°.

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