Third-generation base station tester is all-in-one tool for field measurements

August 30, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Anritsu's BTS Master has updated performance in thinner and lighter design; the MT8220T BTS Master is a multi-function handheld durable tester with all the capabilities network operators, sub-contractors, installers, and regulatory authorities need when measuring base stations.

The third generation of Anritsu’s field-proven BTS Master family, the MT8220T has a standard GPS receiver, enhanced two-port dynamic range, faster LTE scanner, and expanded spectrum analysis capability, in a design that is thinner and lighter than previous models.

Combining a cable and antenna analyser, spectrum analyser, and internal power meter, the unit offers line sweeping, comprehensive wireless measurements, sensitive spectrum analysis and sophisticated interference tracking in a compact handheld solution. It also features a standard GPS receiver with antenna. By providing multiple testing capabilities, including comprehensive Over-the-Air (OTA) measurements to support Remote Radio Heads (RRH) and MIMO, the MT8220T is suited for co-siting of new systems, such as LTE, with existing networks.

Improving the cable and antenna analyser two-port dynamic range to >100 dB (typical 110 dB) over the key cellular frequency range of 400 MHz to 2800 MHz allows users to conduct cellular repeater testing where isolation measurements up to 100 dB are required. Dynamic range is also enhanced to >90 dB between 2800 MHz and 4000 MHz, and >85 dB up to 6000 MHz.

The built-in spectrum analyser, which provides frequency coverage of 150 kHz to 7.1 GHz, has enhanced sweep modes, including Fast, Performance, and No FFT. The MT8220T BTS Master also features Burst Detect, so users can capture and analyse fast, transient signals down to 200 µsec duration and 1% duty cycle in a span up to 15 MHz. This simplifies direction finding and signal locating of problematic interference signals.

With a thinner design and weighing less (4.6 kg) than previous generations of BTS Master analysers, a high-contrast, touchscreen display and backlit key panel enable convenient operation in both bright sunlight and dim conditions. The user has access to an options menu, which has the capability to place time-saving short cuts for frequently used functions on the main menu screen, and a virtual keyboard for fast and easy naming of saved files.

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