Third-generation CAN ICs boost performance and cut system costs

December 10, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
NXP has introduced a family of CAN System Basis Chips (SBCs) – the UJA116x, that it designed for a broad range of automotive ECU applications, such as steering, cameras and dashboards, where board space is at a premium.

The UJA116x family offers car OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers a complete range of in-vehicle networking solutions, ranging from the basic integrator UJA1161, a self-supplied transceiver, to the UJA1168, a full-featured SBC providing Partial Networking and CAN Flexible Datarate (FD) Passive support.

These SBCs integrate common functionalities such as standby or sleep mode CAN transceiver, a 5V voltage regulator, a 5V protected sensor supply and watchdog in a compact HVSON14 package (3.5 x 5.5 mm), enabling the industry to further reduce the size of the ECU with a cost-effective solution.

In response to industry requirements to drive energy efficiency, the top-of-the-range UJA1168 also supports Partial Networking – a major innovation in power efficiency defined in the industry standard ISO11898-6. In current in-vehicle networking architectures, ECUs are always active and consuming power when the vehicle is in use. CAN Partial Networking changes this model by activating only those ECUs that are functionally required, while the other ECUs remain in a low-power state until needed.

Providing OEMs with a fully scalable SBC solution, the UJA1168 also supports CAN FD Passive, which means UJA1168-based ECUs can remain inactive during CAN FD communication and become active when there is regular CAN communication.

The UJA116x series comprises;

UJA1161 Self-supplied high-speed CAN transceiver with Standby mode

UJA1162 Self-supplied high-speed CAN transceiver with Sleep mode

UJA1163 High-speed CAN system basis chip with Standby mode

UJA1164 High-speed CAN system basis chip with Standby mode & watchdog

UJA1167 High-speed CAN system basis chip with Standby/Sleep modes, watchdog & sensor supply

UJA1168 High-speed CAN system basis chip for partial networking and CAN FD passive

A video introduction of NXP’s latest CAN SBCs for in-vehicle networks is available here: