Three-channel capacitive controller for SAR, sliders, scroll wheels and buttons

June 05, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Positioned as the lowest-cost capacitive slider and scroll wheel controller available, Azoteq's IQS263 offers multi-functionality in a small, low-cost MSOP10 package

With three input channels, the IQS263 can be configured as a three-channel slider or scroll wheel, can detect proximity to meet the latest SAR regulations (KDB 616217-D04 and IEC 62209-2 ed 1.0) in multiple points, can be used to detect a stylus or smart cover, and can also be configured as a two-channel slider with the third channel used as a key or for long-range proximity detection.

The IQS263 offers three self- or mutual-capacitance channels. Proximity wakeup allows very low power consumption, until the user interacts with the product, and a unique movement sensor prevents stuck conditions. When configured as a slider it supports tap, left swipe and right swipe gestures; the sample rate of 80 Hz ensures that even fast gestures are recognised.

IQS263 is ideally suited to slider/scroll wheel remote control and switch applications as well as lid closure detection, movement detection, wearable and portable electronics. SAR compliance provides detection for mobile phones or tablets and can also be used for detection in wireless charging stations.


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