TI’s DLP Pico 1080p display chipset; full HD projection from compact devices

December 04, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Texas Instruments is now sampling its latest and smallest micro-mirror DLP (digital light processor) chipset to leading optical module manufacturers; third party optical engines are now in development.

TI's 0.47-in. TRP Full-HD 1080p chipset for video and data display applications is the device sampling to TI’s third-party developer network. Based on the DLP Cinema technology used in more than eight out of ten digital theatres worldwide, the 0.47-in. TRP Full-HD 1080p chipset is the smallest TI chipset capable of generating brighter, more efficient full high-definition projection displays from small form-factor electronics. Example applications include mobile projectors (battery and AC-powered), screenless TVs, control panels, interactive displays and wearables, such as near-eye displays.

Features of the 0.47” TRP Full-HD 1080p display chipset include:

- Full-HD resolution delivers sharp, clear images and compact size enables end-user products in many form factors.

- Low power consumption allows for use in battery-powered applications, such as mobile projectors and wearables.

- TI’s DLP TRP architecture and adaptive DLP IntelliBright suite of algorithms can deliver up to 100% higher brightness or up to 50% lower power consumption than previous DLP Pico chipset architectures. DLP TRP architecture delivers twice the resolution of its same-size predecessor.

TI offers access to an ecosystem of pico optical engine manufacturers , eliminating the need for developers to have their own optics expertise. Members of this third-party ecosystem are now developing optical engines that incorporate the 0.47-in. TRP Full-HD 1080p chipset.

The chipset will be available in early 2015 for purchase from the TI Store in evaluation quantities and from TI-authorised distributors in high-volume quantities. It includes the DLP4710 digital micromirror device, which will be offered in a 100-pin FQL package. Other components in the chipset are the DLPC3439, which will be available in a 201-pin VFBGA package, and the DLPA3005 that will be offered in a 100-pin HTQFP package. A video is here.

Texas Instruments; www.ti.com/dlp4710