TI adds Export feature to WEBENCH for “instant” PSU PCB layouts

June 10, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
You can create a power supply board layout in minutes with TI's WEBENCH PCB Export, the company says; you can customise and download PCB layout to CAD development platforms from Cadence, Mentor Graphics and others.

Texas Instruments' WEBENCH PCB Export is a new feature in its online WEBENCH Power Designer tool that engineers can use to quickly create a power supply printed circuit board (PCB) layout and export it to industry-standard computer-aided design (CAD) development platforms.

A significant challenge in power supply design is creation of the PCB layout. Design engineers, TI observes, have relied on application notes, manual copying of reference layouts and their own judgment to create board layouts. Unwanted noise and thermal problems can result from improper board layout and it can take multiple design iterations to achieve the best layout. Now, design engineers of industrial, automotive and communications equipment can use WEBENCH Power Designer to create their power supply design and the WEBENCH PCB Export feature to easily download the layout directly to five popular CAD tools.

WEBENCH Power Designer uses design algorithms to create a custom PCB board layout with minimal noise and thermal issues. Footprints for each component of the WEBENCH design are included and the power supply design is created with the push of a button. WEBENCH PCB Export just as quickly exports the complete design into the engineer's favourite CAD tool.

With the free WEBENCH tools, engineers can create, optimise and simulate a complete design online with the powerful calculation algorithms and SPICE simulator provided by WEBENCH Power Designer. With the introduction of WEBENCH PCB Export, engineers can now run electrical and thermal simulations to characterise the design, create a power supply PCB layout, and export it to CAD platforms from Altium, Cadence Design Systems, CadSoft Computer, Mentor Graphics and RS Components. WEBENCH Power Designer and PCB Export reduce PCB board design time from hours to minutes and incorporate best layout practices to reduce noise and thermal issues. A video is here.

Texas Instruments; http://www.ti.com/sva-web-pcb-pr-lp-webenchdesigncenter-en