TI adds to LineStream-enabled portfolio of “instant design” motion control solutions

August 04, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
LineStream Technologies is supporting the latest Texas Instruments microcontrollers (MCUs) with InstaSPIN-MOTION advanced motion control technologies.

These C2000 Piccolo TMS320F2805xM microcontrollers (MCUs) are equipped with the InstaSPIN-MOTION technology on the read-only memory (ROM) of the chip, which claims reduced development time from months to minutes. These MCUs are optimised for a variety of three-phase sensored or sensorless motor control applications to control speed and position. Target applications include conveyance systems, automatic doors, CNCs, and servo drive implementations.

LineStream says that users of InstaSPIN-MOTION can benefit in a number of ways:

Reduce motion control design and development time from months to days– a single parameter tunes both position and speed,

Increase performance (faster settling time and less overshoot)

Automatic compensation for changing application inertia, (critical for robotics and industrial winder applications)

Enables designers to construct complex motion trajectories in minutes - quickly building various states of motion (point A to point B) and joining them with state-based logic

Optimisation - the motion engine calculates the most time-optimal curve between two positions/speeds

The F2805xM package can run two motors, significantly reducing the price per axis

Chris Clearman, worldwide manager of motor control solutions for TI, comments, “LineStream's motor control software has enabled our customers to save huge amounts of energy and cost while bringing products to market drastically faster. LineStream-enabled InstaSPIN is truly the most compelling solution in the industry for three-phase motor control.”

Features include;

Automatic Motor Parameter Identification: The on-chip motor identification ensures that the motor’s parameters are accurate, which is needed for optimal control. Motor parameters listed in data sheets typically vary by ±10% from the actual motor values.

FAST Software Estimator: Replaces a physical sensor in velocity control applications and can be used as a backup sensor in position or velocity control applications.

Automatic torque (current) loop tuning, with option for user adjustments

Field Oriented Control (FOC): This reference design may be used, as-is, or customers may replace it with their own FOC.

The LineStream Motion Control Suite comprises:

Identify: Estimates the system inertia