TI embedded SoC MCUs add real-time processing and multimedia capability

October 16, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Texas Instruments’ Sitara AM57x family, along with an associated processor SDK, claims new levels of integration, scalability, on-chip peripherals and ease of use.

The Sitara AM57x processor family become the highest performance devices in this processor platform. Sitara AM57x processors are designed for a broad range of embedded and industrial applications through their heterogeneous architecture including ARM Cortex-A15 cores for high-performance processing and running a high-level operating system (HLOS). AM57x processors integrate TI's C66x digital signal processors (DSPs) for analytics and real-time computation, programmable real-time units (PRU) and ARM Cortex-M4 cores for control functions, and video and graphic accelerators for advanced user interfaces and multimedia applications.

The device family, says TI, was designed from the ground up with high performance and integration in mind, and delivers claimed performance of more than 40% greater than quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processors and 280% greater than standard dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processors.

Sitara AM57x processors provide advanced integration of compute, real-time control, connectivity and multimedia capabilities, allowing developers to simplify their designs with a single chip instead of needing multiple chips for each function. This integration is ideal for applications involving industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), factory automation , machine vision, embedded computing, human machine interface (HMI), robotics, medical imaging , and avionics.

    - Compute: Developers cn choose between two different types of computing cores, both with one or two ARM Cortex-A15 cores and C66x DSPs that each perform a different task. The multicore architecture provides flexibility by distributing tasks to the right cores while driving system integration and best-in-class performance – all within one chip.

    - Control: In addition to the high-performance cores, AM57x processors also include two ARM Cortex-M4 cores and four PRUs (programmable real-time units) to provide ow-latency, real-time control functions for industrial applications such as controlling a motor or monitoring sensors.

    - Connectivity: The processors are equipped with an industrial communication subsystem (ICSS) for real-time fieldbus protocols and other industrial communication, and system flexibility with integrated high-speed peripherals such as PCIe, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB 3.0. These features, along with the high-performance ARM