TI grows “nano power” DC/DC step-down module range

February 03, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Additions to Texas Instruments’ Simple Switcher nano modules will, says TI, “redefine small power supply design” - they positioned as the smallest-available, high-efficiency 17V and 5V (input) DC/DC power converter blocks that deliver currents in the 100-mA to 2-A range.

There are four Simple Switcher nano power modules in this release; the 17-V, 0.65-A LMZ21700 and 1-A LMZ21701, as well as the 5-V, 1-A LMZ20501 and 2-A LMZ20502 DC/DC power modules. They take the form of a chip-scale package with a surface-mount inductor mounted on top; completing the DC/DC function typically requires only the addition of chip capacitors. The modules, TI says, offer an overall solution size that is up to 40% smaller than a discrete implementation. TI adds that they combine high efficiency with high density and reduce EMI, even while operating at low power.

Features include;

Key features and benefits:

- solution sizes down to 30 mm ²

- low component count simplifies design and increases system reliability.

- modules provide effective power management over the entire operating range.

- low output ripple at less than 10 mVpp for noise sensitive rails.

- low EMI complies with the CISPR 22 (Class B) radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference standard.

- modules enable easy implementation of multiple power rail sequencing using Power Good pin.

You can design with these modules via TI’s WEBENCH Power Designer, Power Architect and FPGA Power Architect on-line tools. TI also notes that 2015 also marks the 25th anniversary of the Simple Switcher portfolio. TI introduced the wide Vin LM257x and LM258x regulators in 1990. A blog entry comments on the anniversary.

The LMZ21700 and LMZ21701 are priced at $1.55 and $1.75, and the LMZ20501 and LMZ20502 are priced at $1.55 and $1.90, respectively (all 1000). A video demonstration is here.

TI; www.ti.com/nanomodules-pr-eu