TI offers development kits for Sitara MCUs, using Mainline Linux kernel

April 07, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Basing its kit around, Texas Instruments says, a high-quality, stable Linux platform, the Mainline Linux kernel support enables ease of migration by providing consistent access to new devices and the latest features.

TI's Sitara Linux SDK provides a robust, stable Mainline Linux kernel for developers using TI's Sitara processors. To ensure high quality, TI collaborates with the Kernel.org community for code reviews with stringent acceptance criteria. TI also continuously stress tests the Linux kernel across various customer use cases and applications to guarantee stability.

TI's support of the Mainline Linux kernel grants customers continuous access to the latest devices, features and bug fixes. Customers can take advantage of a regular cadence of incremental updates, which eases kernel migration by building upon previous versions. Customers can maintain existing features and functionality for a consistent development experience. TI also offers easy-to-read change logs and release notes, made available on www.ti.com/linux, to help customers decide when to migrate.

As a consistent top-ten contributor to Kernel.org, TI says it will continue to invest in Mainline Linux and collaborate with the Kernel.org community to provide annual support of the long-term stable (LTS) kernels within TI's SDKs, giving customers access to the latest improvements and bug fixes. TI's Sitara Linux SDK based on the 2014 LTS release is expected in the fourth quarter of 2014.

TI's Sitara Linux SDK 7.0, supporting the latest Mainline Linux kernel, is available to download today, along with a range of supporting information. The SDK is currently compatible with Sitara AM335x processors. Future TI devices with Linux software support, including TI's Sitara AM4x and AM5x processors as well as TI's KeyStone multicore system-on-chips based on ARM cores, will be maintained through a single kernel, extending the LTS benefits to other product portfolios.

Texas Instruments; http://www.ti.com/pro-cat-mainlinelinux-pr-sw1