Tiny switch aims for mobile device design-in

June 02, 2014 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Alps Electric Europe has introduced the SKTC Series Double-Action TACT Switch (IP67-rated) for embedding in smartphones and other mobile devices.

Reducing the size of a switch or other control device can sometimes have an adverse effect on operating feel and operability. It is a particularly difficult challenge technically to both reduce the size and retain the functionality of mobile device components such as camera shutter buttons, which require a two-step press function for focusing and capture.

The SKTC Series offers the smallest dimensions for a double-action type of 3.40 × 2.20 × 0.62 mm, achieved using mechanical engineering technology built up by ALPS; a new metal contact was developed. By optimising the shape and material of the contact, ALPS has reduced size and realised an excellent operating feel.

To ensure reliable operation, a projection structure was adopted for the metal contact. This increases the size of the area for operating the switch, widening the mounting accuracy tolerance range. At the same time, it removes the need for projections into the switch button, thus facilitating integration into end products.

In addition, the projection structure used is an “inner projection.” This increases projection strength, improving durability.

APLS GmbH; www.alps.com