TI's Code Composer Studio IDE v6 adds an App Centre

April 30, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
TI provides developers a single IDE, improving code quality, reducing development time and enhancing customer experience across its broad embedded portfolio; updates include a simplified user interface and intelligent learning tools.

Texas Instruments’s latest version of its Code Composer Studio integrated development environment, version 6, provides numerous updates, features and integrated tools to ease the software development experience. Running on both Windows and Linux operating systems, Code Composer Studio v6 is available in a number of different licence configurations, including several free options, reducing the cost of getting started on an embedded design. Code Composer Studio v6 is compatible across TI's broad embedded processing portfolio including microcontrollers (MCUs), ARM-based processors and digital signal processors (DSPs).

New to Code Composer Studio IDE v6 are several updates to simplify use and reduce development time:

An intelligent "App Center" delivers the latest features and integrates additional TI software packages at no cost. Developers can install only the features they need at the time of development, but they also have flexibility to add other applications when needed. Examples of available software packages include TI-RTOS, MSP430Ware, C2000 controlSUITE, TivaWare, GUI Composer, and C compiler for Sitara AM335x's Programmable Real-Time Unit (PRU), among others.

"Simple mode" lets developers strip down the user interface to essential functionality. This allows new designers to get comfortable with the development environment quickly and later enable additional functionality.

Enhanced learning tools such as Optimizer Assistant and Ultra-Low Power Advisor are provided to improve performance, code size and power consumption.

In addition to the highly optimising TI-developed C compiler, Code Composer Studio integrates GCC distributions for MSP430 MCUs, as well as ARM. This allows developers to easily leverage their existing GCC codebase when adopting TI platforms. It uses the latest version of Eclipse to ensure compatibility with newest complementary products offered and make working with Code Composer Studio v6 easier. More than 1,200 third-party plug-ins support product development including static code analysis, source code control, modelling and scripting development. Developers get access to the latest features and capabilities (1000+ contributions) added to the Eclipse environment.

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