TI’s FemtoFET 60V power MOSFET offers lowest resistance, tiny package

June 21, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
The LGA package of this device, at 1.2 mm², is 80% smaller than traditional 60-V load switches in SOT-23, TI asserts. At 54-mΩ it also offers on-resistance 90% below traditional 60-V load switches.

The CSD18541F5 comes in a 1.53 x 0.77-mm chip-scale package , a land grid array (LGA) with 0.5-mm pitch between pads for easy mounting. The transistor joins TI’s NexFET line of FemtoFET MOSFETs to include higher voltages and ‘manufacturing-friendly’ footprints. Features include; 54 mΩ of Rdson at 10-V gate-to-source (VGS), and an integrated electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection diode. The device costs $0.14 in (1,000). Download the PSpice transient models ; there is a blog post, “ Shrink your industrial footprint with new 60V FemtoFET MOSFETs .

TI; www.ti.com/CSD18541F5-pr-eu