The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2012

January 02, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
News stories about ultracapacitors and supercapacitors were the focus of a lot of readers this year as designers sought new ways of storing energy to power their design solutions.

Here in reverse order are the top ten Power Management news stories of 2012.  If you missed these stories the first time round here is your chance to catch
up with the rest of EE Times Europe Power Management's readers.

10. BMW brings plug-in hybrid roadster to the extremes

At the Beijing Auto Show 2012, BMW showed for the first time a two-seater sports car with hybrid electric drive. The vehicle exhibits rather extreme features and can be regarded as an example for what is possible today with a perfect blend of mechanics, electronics and smart connectivity.

9. Atomic layer deposition enables high efficiency silicon nanorod solar cells

Picosun Oy, a Finnish manufacturer of atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment, reported final results of the European Union 7th Framework Programme funded research project ROD-SOL. The goal of this multinational, inter-European, three year (2009-2011) project, combining the efforts of both scientific and industrial partners, has been to dramatically increase the efficiency of solar cells and reduce the costs of their manufacturing.

8. New all-solid-state, rechargeable battery technology claims record energy density

Infinite Power Solutions, Inc. (IPS) developed of a new all-solid-state rechargeable battery technology with low manufacturing costs and record energy density.

7. TI's new Wolverine microcontroller platform slashes power by 50 percent

Texas Instruments Incorporated unveiled a feature-packed MSP430 microcontroller platform with the aim of pushing ultra-low-power limits, bringing consumers one step closer to a battery-free world.

6. Wearable human motion energy harvester

A team from Riga Technical University, Latvia designed a "Human Motion Energy Harvester for Wearable Applications". The design consists of a jacket with an electrical generator. The team's human motion energy harvester is contained within clothing to generate energy from human movement.

5. Graphene supercapacitor holding promise for portable electronics

Electrochemical capacitors (ECs), also known as supercapacitors or ultracapacitors, differ from regular capacitors that you would find in your TV or computer in that they store sustantially higher