Toshiba combines multiple technologies to demo “Digital Kiosk”

January 06, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Toshiba Electronics has conceived a demonstration that combines TransferJet, NFC and Qi wireless charging, and will show it as an integrated system at the forthcoming Embedded World 2014 exhibition in Nuremberg.

The “Digital Kiosk” is an example use-case in which rich digital content, including HD video, can be purchased and downloaded swiftly to mobile devices, such as smartphones. Toshiba’s Digital Kiosk is a fully finished concept system that shows, the company says, how various emerging wireless technologies can function together to deliver new services. The single formed-plastic unit comprises an LCD screen with platter for smartphone charging or wireless connection, and status LEDs. To operate, the user taps a kiosk app icon on their smartphone, previews the available video content via the Kiosk screen, and, if they decide to buy, presses the Purchase button and places the smartphone on the kiosk’s platter. The NFC authentication and payment process will then initiate and, once complete, content will be downloaded via Toshiba's TransferJet to the phone at up to 560 Mpbs. The phones are equipped with Toshiba uUSB TransferJet dongles. Users also have the option to recharge the phone handset wirelessly on the platter.

Other sections of Toshiba’s Embedded World presence will focus on NAND-based storage technology including SD cards, USB flash drives, embedded NAND, solid state drives (SSD) and hard drives (HDD); automotive solutions for ADAS and instrument cluster; and microcontrollers - including high-performance, low-power ARM-based MCUs. In addition to the Digital Kiosk, wireless products will include Toshiba’s latest Bluetooth 4.0 devices, together with starter kit. Mobile peripheral devices, CMOS sensors for industrial applications, and the AppLite application processor will also be featured.

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