Toshiba puts its TransferJet high speed wireless transfer technology into retail channels

August 29, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) is to place products enabling consumers to transfer a music track or high-resolution image wirelessly between devices, “in the blink of an eye” on retail sale to consumers in Europe, in the fourth quarter of 2014

TEE will initially launch a family of TransferJet USB adaptors for tablets, mobile phones and PCs in Europe, and follow this with other product formats.

Toshiba first disclosed the TransferJet concept several years ago, but judges that now is the right time to bring it to the European consumer market, as users' need to transfer large files, quickly, between mobile devices is becoming ever-more apparent. TrasnsferJet has ISO/IEC 17568/17569 standards status, and there is a multi-company Consortium; Toshiba promises full compatibility with both.

TransferJet is a close proximity, wireless transfer technology. It has a range of only a few centimetres, and permits very high data rate transfers on a peer-peer basis. For normal consumer use, making the “touch” is understood as implying consent to the transfer, so pairing and sending can then take place without further user actions. The slogan is, “Touch and Get”.

The system is an ultrawideband (UWB), 4.48 GHz RF link with a maximum data rate of 560 Mbit/sec or 375 Mbit/sec effective, once overheads are taken into account. The signal level is low enough that unlicensed operation worldwide is permitted. The data rate is positioned as 10-times faster than WiFi, 100x Bluetooth, and 1000x NFC alone. A 20-sec, full-HD, video clip (estimate; 50 Mbyte) should take one second to transfer.

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