Toshiba uses ARM Cortex M3 in MCU with 258 kByte of SRAM and 1 MByte of ROM

June 27, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Toshiba Electronics Europe's TMPM36BF10FG is a new ARM Cortex M3-based microcontroller that combines large capacity memory with a range of serial interfaces, integrating measurement and communication systems into a single chip.

The TMPM36BF10FG comes equipped with 258 kByte of SRAM and 1 MByte of ROM and is well suited for controlling complex systems that involve large software and data sets. Featuring an optimised circuit design, the TX03 series microcontroller consumes just two thirds of the power of equivalent products, claims the manufacturer. The microcontroller is pin-compatible with TMPM36BFYFG, which will have a lower memory capacity and is scheduled to start mass production in November 2013.

Toshiba Electronics Europe;