Touch controllers improves user experience with enhanced nodes and capabilities for touchscreens up to seven inches

January 08, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Atmel is expanding the company’s maXTouch S family of touch controllers further supporting the trend of designing larger screens into hand-held devices of various types.

Featuring 540 nodes, the new Atmel maXTouch mXT540S provides high-performance capacitive sensing for touchscreens up to seven inches.

The new mXT540S controller delivers all the features and high-performance characteristics of the current maXTouch S family that designers have come to enjoy and grown to expect in the maXTouch S family, including thinner sensors, superior noise immunity and support for ultra-thin passive stylus. Consumers benefit from these features with a more intuitive, robust human interface for their smart, connected devices on larger touchscreens.

The new maXTouch S controller supports ultra-thin passive stylus for up to 2 mm at 120 Hz report rate to enable a more accurate first touch and superior touch performance for gloved finger and fingernail touches.

The device supports Android and Windows 8 operating systems and features lens bending, an industry-first noise cancellation algorithm for noisy environments, to support better moisture immunity for thinner, larger screens.

Thinner sensors offer ultra-thin stack support for sleeker smartphone, tablet and super phone designs.


Production quantities of the Atmel mXT540S are available now.

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