T/R PIN diode switch handles 100W at HF to UHF

January 25, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
This PIN diode switch element is optimised for high power transmit/receive applications: the monolithic microwave surface mount SP2T package is rated to carry 100W of continuous wave power from 100 MHz to 1 GHz.

Microsemi’s high power monolithic microwave surface mount (MMSM) series-shunt SP2T PIN diode reflective switch, the MPS2R10-606 is designed for applications such as transmit/receive (T/R) switching in applications such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) receive arrays and first responder, military, aviation and marine radio communications. The switch features 0.2 dB insertion loss, 15 dB return loss and 55 dB of isolation at mid-band. A simple analogue control voltage allows the device to achieve 500 nsec switching speeds while handling up to 100W of continuous wave (CW) power. Available in a compact, nonmagnetic 2.03 x 1.27 mm format, the MPS2R10-606 switch meets RoHS requirements.

"Our MRI and communication radio customers are requiring an increased level of functional integration coupled with form factor reduction, which is consequently driving the need for PIN diode switches with higher density, functionality and performance," said Vincent Cannistraro, senior director and business unit manager for Microsemi's RF/Microwave Discrete Products business unit. "Our new PIN diode switch technology in a compact MMSM package format is a key enabler here, and permits designs to be implemented at significantly higher power levels compared with traditional gallium-arsenide (GaAs), metal-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MESFET) and silicon-on-SOI solutions." As Microsemi's PIN diode MMSM switches are nonmagnetic, they offer the high density and performance required for the implementation of MRI receive arrays.

Microsemi: www.microsemi.com/existing-parts/parts/136674