Transceivers boost automotive bus-bandwidth utilisation

January 24, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Analog Devices’ AD2542x is an expanded series of its A2B transceivers. The Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) transceivers distribute audio and control data plus clock and power over a single, unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable.

The AD242x series offers a flexible slave-to-slave communication capability as well as support for reduced data-sampling rates. Both of these features improve overall bus-bandwidth utilization and are key differentiators for emerging applications such as in-car communications and active noise cancellation. These newest devices are fully pin-compatible with existing series members


The AD242x devices add features designed to increase system-level performance and ease of use. All new AD242x devices include an improved pulse density modulation (PDM) block that is critical for next-generation microphone connectivity applications. The AD242x devices also incorporate enhanced GPIO, I ²C, and clocking capability to further increase system level flexibility. Further extending the A2B technology’s reach to super-premium systems, AD242x devices can now support daisy-chain configurations up to 11 total nodes, while increasing the maximum internode distance to 15m. Three variants cover; Master/Slave Capable, with I ²S/TDM interface; Slave only – midpoint; and Slave-only – endpoint.


The AD2425, AD2422, and AD2421 are fully compliant with all relevant automotive EMC, EMI, and ESD requirements, are fully AEC-Q100 qualified, and operate over the extended automotive temperature range (-40⁰C to +105⁰C). The devices come in 32-lead LFCSP packages. Master and slave evaluation boards, as well as local- and phantom-powered evaluation boards are available.


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