Transphorm’s GaN-on-silicon FETs now at Digi-Key

December 16, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Transphorm’s gallium nitride (GaN) FETs in standard TO-style through-hole and PQFN88 surface mount packaging are now in distribution via Digi-Key.

Transphorm offers JEDEC-qualified GaN FETs for high-voltage power conversion applications. The company’s product portfolio includes 600V and 650V discretes for power levels up to 4.5 kW. Transphorm builds depletion-mode (“normally-on”) devices: it combines a high-voltage GaN FET with a standard, low-voltage silicon (Si) MOSFET, creating a hybrid cascode switch that yields conventional normally-off operation. These devices are compatible with off-the-shelf silicon drivers for ease of use. The company says it employs TO-XXX and PQFN88 packages as the are well-understood; and further asserts that the cascode configuration offers high reliability, eliminates the need for custom drivers and increases the GaN FET’s gate safety margin.


The company most recently announced the TPH3212PS. In a TO-220 package, the device has an on-resistance of 72 mΩ and targets AC to DC and DC to AC power supplies (inverters). When used in PSUs the TPH3212PS—along with its family members—makes implementing bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction (PFC) designs possible.


Transphorm’s product portfolio previously comprised 600V and 650V discrete FETs spanning TO-220, TO-247, and PQFN88 packages; TPH3212PS fills a power level gap in the company’s second generation product line, specifically between the 52 mΩ and 110 mΩ FETs. Claimed benefits (vs. a silicon-based design) include 30 to 40% increase in system level power density, 2x to 4x faster switching; and lowered crossover losses increase system efficiency. Compatibility with off-the-shelf gate drivers increases gate safety margin to a max. ±18V gate drive.


“The Transphorm team uniquely delivers a vertically-integrated approach to GaN development, said Mike White, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Transphorm. “Our expertise applies to each layer of production—from the epitaxy tech through to the application development support. We’re deeply invested in the end-to-end process so that we can deliver the highest quality, highest reliability GaN technology available and, ultimately, help GaN achieve its promise as the new solution to power density challenges.”


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