Tri-mode wireless charging platform scales over power levels

October 06, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Semtech’s TS80K is a wireless charging design platform intended to support evolving wireless charging standards, multiple system configurations for wearable, mobile and embedded system applications, and the widest range of power levels.

TS80K includes the TS80000 transmitter, the TS81000 receiver, and a complete set of power management ICs and reference design kits, to address the increasing need for wireless charging in the consumer, mobile, industrial and embedded solution markets. The platform offers scalable power, flexible design capability and supports evolving industry standards.

The platform supports all three major wireless charging standards; Qi, PMA and A4WP Rezence, in multi-mode for both transmitter and receiver applications. It is designed to be flexible, to implement in different configurations and form factors, as well as support evolving wireless charging standards. It is claimed as the only wireless charging platform available that can scale to power low, medium and high power applications from 100 mW to 100W and beyond.

Features include fast charging; multi-mode receiver solutions range from 100 mW to >20W of output power allowing compatibility between all transmitters supporting any of the three industry standards. Multi-mode transmitter solutions are available for all power levels, from 100 mW to >40W, allowing embedded charging capability in furniture, vehicles and public venues that can support all three standards based on a single, easy to use, cost effective platform. The TS80000 costs $3.10 (1,000). Design kits, including evaluation boards and documentation are also available.


A list of links to Semtech’s resources for the platform is on the following page.