Trojan battery expands industrial line with new 2-V designs to enhance transport applications

May 15, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Trojan Battery Company has expanded its Industrial line offering of deep-cycle batteries for renewable energy and backup power applications to include two new sizes.

The new 2-volt additions are designed to make transport and installation of the batteries easier as well as offer more design flexibility for a variety of photovoltaic (PV) applications.

The new Industrial batteries include the IND27-2V model featuring a 1457Ah capacity at C20, and the IND33-2V version that offers a 1794 Ah capacity at C20.  The Industrial line is designed to support large daily loads where the batteries are cycled regularly in a range of PV systems including micro-grids, off-grid resorts, rural telecom applications and more.

To enhance safety, the new Industrial batteries also feature customizable terminal protectors which increase protection against shock or short circuiting and terminal corrosion. The protectors feature perforated cut-outs along the sides and top enabling them to be customized to fit the specific cable configuration required by customer.

Trojan’s Industrial line is specifically designed for deep-cycle use and optimized for deep discharge and recharge cycles characteristic of renewable energy systems. It is engineered for high-energy requirements delivering 1,500 cycles at 80 percent depth-of-discharge, and features advanced battery technologies that provide optimum performance.  The Industrial line features the following unique design elements.

The 2-volt cells of the new Industrial line additions are assembled in a rugged polypropylene housing designed to protect the internal plates from damage that may occur during transport and installation. The cells are enclosed in a larger polyethylene outer case that protects against damage caused by harsh environmental conditions such as moisture and dirt buildup, as well as safeguards against potential acid leaks. For added protection the thick-walled case features a lattice-design that reinforces the outer case’s structural integrity. This dual container construction provides added protection against extreme temperatures.

Engineered for high-energy requirements, the Industrial line features the following advanced battery technologies that provide optimum performance.

Trojan's Alpha Plus Paste is a proprietary, high-density paste formulation precisely engineered to deliver outstanding battery performance. This high-density paste optimizes porosity development in the active material