Two complete Ultrabook Vcore solutions shrink footprint by 40-50 percent and extend battery life

August 27, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
International Rectifier has introduced the IR3588 CHiL digital control IC and IR3552 and IR3548 single- and dual-phase PowIRstage devices.

The devices claim to be the industry’s smallest solutions that meet Intel’s VR12.6 specifications for 15 W and 25 W Ultrabook laptop computers that extend battery life.

IR’s IR3588 and optimized single-phase and dual-phase IR3552 and IR3548 PowIRstage devices reduce footprint by more than 50 percent compared to leading monolithic solutions and offer a 40 percent smaller footprint compared to alternative reference designs. Additionally, the IR solutions extend battery life as a result of the IR3588’s low quiescent current while offering lower operating current and sleep state power of less than 1mW, which exceeds Intel’s VR12.6 Ultrabook power specifications. Battery life is further enhanced with IR’s Regenerative Braking technique which returns energy to the battery that is normally lost when waking a laptop computer from a sleep state.

The IR3588 matched with the dual-phase IR3548 is optimized for high performance Ultrabooks up to 25 W while the IR3588 paired with the single-phase IR3552 is designed for standard Ultrabooks up to 15 W.

The IR3588 maintains full digital flexibility and telemetry and offers true-off capability for PS4. The device also offers clean ultrafast DVID Up and Down performance, lossless input current telemetry and supports up to 1.5 MHz per phase.

The new PowIRstage devices integrate a low quiescent synchronous buck gate driver, and synchronous MOSFETs and Schottky diode into a compact PQFN package. The devices have an input range of 4.5 V-16 V and can be operated up to 1.5 MHz, and true-off capability enabling the driver to shut off to minimize quiescent current.

The dual-phase IR3548 PowIRstage device supports up to 30 A per phase and delivers up to 95 percent efficiency at 7.2 Vnom to 1.8Vnom in a 6 mm x 8 mm PQFN package. The single-phase IR3552 supports up to 40 A and offers 94 percent efficiency at 12 Vnom to 1.8 Vnom. in a 4 mm x 6 mm PQFN package.

All CHiL digital power solutions are