UDOO ARM Cortex-A9 4-core 1-GHz prototyping platform, now in distribution

July 18, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
This small sized, powerful development and prototyping platform integrates ARM cortex-A9 iMX.6 CPU and an Arduino Due-compatible board embedded with a dedicated ARM SAM3X8E MCU.

Conrad Business Supplies is distributing the UDOO prototyping board that provides a powerful, flexible environment in which users can explore Android, Linux, Arduino and Google ADK applications and embark on projects with 'Internet of Things' (IoT) functionality. The UDOO project was successfully funded through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, raising over $640,000 in sixty days from over 4,000 backers.

A joint effort between embedded system designers SECO and AIDILAB (a 2010 design studio spin-off from the University of Siena), UDOO board is based on a dual or quad core ARM cortex-A9 CPU with a dedicated ARM processor for GPIO, helping it deliver high performance both on Android and Linux operating systems.

UDOO is aimed at developers ranging from students to experienced engineers, and has a highly integrated peripheral set for connectivity and communication including Ethernet and WiFi. It runs the ARM-optimised version of Linux Ubuntu called Linaro; a not-for-profit engineering organisation consolidating and optimising open source Linux software and tools for the ARM architecture. The Linaro environment has everything needed for programming; for example developers can use the Arduino IDE to build and upload sketches to the Arduino-compatible embedded board, without additional or external cable connections. Other Linux distributions and tools, such as Debian Wheezy armHF, Ubuntu Studio armHF, OpenMediaVault, Volumio, Yocto, Debian, XBMC, Archlinux and ROS are also available. The platform also allows users to switch between Linux and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean in a matter of seconds simply by replacing the Micro SD card and rebooting the system.

The specification of the UDOO platform includes features such as integrated graphics, 76 fully-available GPIOs, HDMI and LVDS+Touch, a WiFi module, plus Gigabit Ethernet, USB, Mini USB, and type A USB connectivity (x2). UDOO has overall dimensions of 11 x 8.5 cm to ease integration into customer designs.

Conrad Electronic/Conrad Business Supplies; www.conrad.biz