UK startup ramps up 60 GHz development

October 15, 2012 // By Nick Flaherty
Blu Wireless Technology has moved from being a fabless company to supply System IP (SIP) for gigabit communication applications using the unlicensed 60GHz band. This has converted what had previously been Blu Wirelesses’ competitors into potential customers for its Hybrid Defined Radio Architecture (HYDRA) massively parallel baseband technology and resulted in multiple contracts, says CEO Henry Nurser.

The company has applied for 15 patents and its customers are already developing chips for wireless data and video links. “Our HYDRA architecture is currently sized to address the existing 7Gbps WiGig standard but is scalable to 20Gbps and above”, said Nurser. ”We think that this should be enough for the next few years. We have confronted some extremely challenging technical and funding problems over the last two years in a very difficult financial environment."

The company is now looking to solve overall system design problems in 60GHz, rather than just providing one isolated IP block. “It’s great timing for the SIP business model for gigabit wireless baseband,” he said. “There’s a buzz building around 60GHz via the WiGig Alliance’s promotions as well as the need for a low cost 4G MetroCell backhaul solution, and many companies just don’t have the skills and time to develop this difficult technology in house. Although we can - via partnerships for 60GHz RF - do a complete turnkey chip design for a customer, we anticipate most of our customers will just want to license our baseband SIP. ”

Nurser is looking for 30 new engineers to work with the Bristol-based company either locally or remotely.