Ultra-fast-startup LED driver is optimized for linear lighting fixtures

May 09, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Microsemi Corporation has unveiled a new dimmable LED driver module optimized for worldwide residential, commercial and industrial light fixtures.

The 30 W LXMG221W-0700030-D0 LED driver enables start up times of 150 ms or faster, closely emulating the ‘lights-on’ performance of a typical incandescent lamp. This is important for home and business applications where light start-up delays are unacceptable. Microsemi’s new ENERGY STAR-compliant, solid state LED driver provides over voltage and current protection, as well as automatic over-temperature shutdown to facilitate reliable and safe operation.

Power-efficient LED lights are becoming increasingly popular for use in homes and businesses alike. However, the energy-savings benefits often don’t outweigh the instant-lighting performance that people have come to expect from incandescent lights in such applications. Microsemi’s new LED driver solves this issue by delivering a 150 ms or shorter startup time that is not noticeable by the human eye. This attribute, coupled with the device’s form factor and power/current levels, makes it ideal for use in areas where “instant-on” lighting is required or expected.

Microsemi's new LED driver is compatible with 50 Hz and 60 Hz AC power sources worldwide with standard voltages ranging from 120 VAC +/ -10 percent to 277 VAC +/-10 percent. The output is a 700 mA dimmable constant current source. It complies with UL, CUL, CE and EMC industry standards.

 The device features high-voltage AC input (90-305 VAC) for worldwide installations and supports   constant current single 700 mA string applications using ~5-12 LEDs without flickering (up to 30 W output).  The LED driver offers a high power factor (PF > 0.9) and low total harmonic distortion (THD < 15 percent) across the entire input voltage range at full load to meet or exceed standard requirements.  The device enables LED lighting to be dimmable to 10 percent via 0-10VDC (compliant to IEC 60929), PWM controls or potentiometers for additional energy savings.

Availability and Pricing

The LXMG221W-0700030-D0 is available in production quantities now.

Visit Microsemi at www.microsemi.com