Ultra-high-sensitivity, millimeter-wave spectrum analysis

October 16, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Antritsu’s fundamental mode Waveguide Mixer MA2808A enables precision testing for the automobile radar and wireless backhaul markets

The MA2808A Fundamental Mode Waveguide Mixer is a millimeter-wave measurement option for the MS2830A Spectrum Analyser/Signal Analyser. The 60 to 90 GHz MA2808A combines highest sensitivity performance with a wide measurement span, to enable millimeter-wave measurements that traditional harmonic-mixer and down-converter methods have been unable to achieve.

Millimeter-wave technology is currently used in a number of wideband wireless applications but this new release is aimed at automobile radar and wireless backhaul providers in particular. High resolution automobile collision avoidance radars are using 77/79 GHz to be able to detect objects such as pedestrians, making millimeter-wave measurement capability vital. Previous measurement methods have suffered with large conversion losses as well as the appearance of non-existent ghost signals (image responses), problems now addressed by the MA2808A. In order to meet the need for faster, higher capacity communications, wireless backhaul providers are looking at connecting increasing numbers of small cell base stations with core networks, using E-band signals of 60 to 90 GHz. The tight specifications on spectrum emissions in these bands require very high performance measurement equipment with high bandwidth and the best possible sensitivity.

Combining the MA2808A with the MS2830A in the 26.5/43 GHz configurations (MS2830A-044/045) will support the development and production of equipment for the E-band wireless backhaul and FMCW automotive radar industries, accurately measuring millimeter-wave wideband wireless signals.

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