Ultra-miniature LDO series delivers advanced drop-out and noise performance

January 30, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has released a family of ultra-miniature CMOS low drop-out voltage regulators (LDOs) with a 200 mA driving capability that claims to provide an excellent performance/size ratio.

The new TCR2EN series of highly integrated devices is ideal for mobile phones and other battery-powered, portable devices that demand low power consumption, high performance and minimum PCB space.

Based on Toshiba’s latest CMOS process, devices in the new series are smaller than other 150/200 mA class molded package alternatives. Despite this miniaturization typical drop-out voltage ratings are only 160 mV (at an output voltage and current of 2.5 V and 150 mA). In addition, at just 35 μVrms (2.5 V, 10 mA output) the LDOs also offer the industry’s lowest typical output noise for this class of package. A load transient response of only 55 mV(typ.) for output current changes between 1 and 150 mA contributes further to the excellent performance of devices in the TCR2EN series.

The TCR2EN ICs are available with fixed output voltages between 1.0 V and 3.6 V with the possibility to adjust individual voltages in 50 mV steps. The regulators are supplied in an ultra-miniature SDFN4 SMD package that requires a board mounting area of only 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm. Minimum board space demands are also supported by the possibility of using small ceramic input and output capacitors.

As well as saving space through their small package size the TCR2EN LDOs also feature high levels of on-board protection to minimise the need for additional components. Integrated standard features are overcurrent protection and output auto discharge circuits.

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