Ultrasonic piezoelectric motor enables remote microwave filter reconfiguration

September 11, 2012 // By Julien Happich
PCBMotor ApS announced an ultrasonic piezoelectric motor solution that enables wireless communication networks to remotely reconfigure deployed radio frequency (RF) filters and duplexers.

Using such a solution, network carriers can lower their operational costs and offer more flexible services. The small, high-precision motor enables filters and duplexers to be remotely controlled and to maintain their position when power is off. The units feature a direct drive without slack, a low profile, and can be multiplexed to reach an accuracy up to 1 micron. The fully-automated production means that filters can be pre-set to required frequencies. Filter engineers, manufacturers and carriers who need to reconfigure remotely-located antennas can now deploy filters with a slimline PCBMotor and centrally manage them without sending technicians into the field.

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