Ultraviolet LED in PLCC-2 package for curing applications

October 26, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The VLMU3100 ultraviolet LED delivered by Vishay Intertechnology in a surface-mount PLCC-2 package is aimed at a wide range of applications, including adhesive curing.

The VLMU3100 will serve as a solid-state replacement for mercury vapor lamps and features a typical luminous intensity of 11 mcd at 20mA, with a typical wavelength of 405nm and forward voltage of 3.2 V for low power consumption. Designed for long service life, the UV LED's PLCC-2 package consists of a lead frame, which is embedded in a white thermoplastic. The reflector inside this package is cast in clear silicone, guaranteeing a long lifetime. The viewing angle is 120º and the package dimensions are 3.2x2.8x1.9mm. The VLMU3100's EIA- and ICE-standard PLCC-2 package is compatible with IR reflow and vapor phase soldering.

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