Uprated infrared sensors, in distribution

July 27, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Mouser Electronics has the second generation of Grid-EYE infrared (IR) array sensors from Panasonic. Devices integrate a more sensitive MEMS sensor chip, a digital ASIC with I²C interface and a silicon lens in a 11.6 × 8 × 4.3mm package — approximately 70% smaller than alternatives.

This new generation of Grid-EYE sensors — fully compatible with first generation Grid-EYE sensors — feature improved accuracy through an updated Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) of 0.16 degrees Celsius at 10 Hz and 0.05 degrees Celsius at 1 Hz with detection distance up to 7 metres. They have 64 thermopile elements in an 8×8 grid format that detect absolute surface temperature without any contact. Unlike conventional sensors, Grid-EYE uses a patented 60-degree silicon lens etched out of a silicon wafer, which, at less than 0.3 mm, is the smallest available lens in the market.


Grid-EYE sensors provide thermal images by measuring actual temperature and temperature gradients. The high-gain AMG8833/34 and low-gain AMG8853/54 sensors enable detection of multiple persons, identification of positions and direction of movement, almost independent of ambient light conditions without disturbing privacy as with conventional cameras. The contactless sensors enable high-performance measurements for safety, household appliances, medical systems, lighting control, industrial controls, and other applications.


Mouser; www.mouser.com/new/panasonic/panasonic-grid-eye-infrared-array-sensors/