USB-C-connector controller, IC, from Microchip

September 08, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Microchip’s UTC2000 controller enables simple and quick implementation of the emerging reversible plug connector for USB devices and USB cabling, describing it as a cost-effective and simple route to implementing the updated USB-C connector into a range of applications.

Housed in a 16-pin QFN package, the UTC2000 controller’s small form factor also enables the deployment of USB-C connectors in mobile applications. As has been widely promoted, the USB-C cable is poised to become the “universal” cable, as it is capable of supplying data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps, 100W of continuous power flow and ultra-high-bandwidth video capabilities made available through alternate modes.

UTC2000 supports up to 15W of power, for a range of applications in the consumer, industrial and automotive markets, and Microchip presents this IC as support for the emerging USB-C standard at the entry-level market tier. Designers integrating the UTC2000 controller into their products can have, Microchip says, confidence in meeting all requirements for USB-C compliance.

The UTC2000 USB-C controller is supported by Microchip’s UTC2000 Evaluation Kit (part # EVK-UTC2000, $99.99). This kit enables designers to easily convert a traditional USB connector to type C for both UFP and DFP.

The UTC2000 USB-C controller is available now for sampling and volume production in a 16-pin QFN package, for $0.61 (10,000).