UV LEDs for counterfeit detection and cosmetic retail markets

January 18, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Not all lighting applications require visible light. In specific applications such as counterfeit detection and cosmetics retail markets, ultraviolet light is necessary to reveal things not visible in "normal" light. Specialty LED manufacturer SemiLEDs now introduces two new UV LEDs for such applications.

The series of 3020 PLCC UV LEDs and 5mm through-hole lamp type UV LEDs incorporate SemiLEDs' unique and patented chip technology. The 3020 product series will provide a solution to consumers who are looking for a LED replacement for commercial UV tubes. The 3020 product series features a smaller footprint, excellent thermal properties, and high output power densities in a well distributed light pattern, ideal for tube replacement applications.

The 5 mm through-hole lamp type UV LED is designed with a 20 - 30 degree beam angle for applications which require more directed and concentrated light in a smaller surface area.

Both products are available for immediate sampling and volume production in wavelengths 365nm to 425nm with typical output power 5 to 15 mW at 20 mA whereby power is dependent on wavelength.

For further information, visit ( www.semileds.com)