Voice processors improve audio & recognition accuracy: enable voice wake-from-standby

February 24, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Cirrus Logic has added to its portfolio of portable-audio ICs with a new line of voice processors for mobile applications. The ultra-low power Cirrus Logic CS48LV12/13 voice processors with integrated SoundClear technology improve the user experience and voice recognition accuracy in smartphones, tablets and wearables by improving voice quality, eliminating background noise and delivering clear communications in any environment.

SoundClear technology features single/dual microphone noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation for both narrow and wideband audio content, providing manufacturers with a complete hardware and embedded software product capable of delivering unmatched consumer experiences with voice recognition applications and phone conversations in handset or speakerphone mode. Speakerphone use cases for both productivity and entertainment are becoming increasingly important, and SoundClear technology delivers full duplex and echo-free operation.

To facilitate faster time-to-market for mobile applications with fundamental voice processing requirements, the CS48LV12 offers a fixed function, turnkey solution with the latest SoundClear voice technology for noise suppression and echo cancellation. The configurable CS48LV13 adds ASR Enhance, a dual-microphone noise reduction technology, to improve the reliability and accuracy of automatic speech recognition (ASR) engines operating in harsh, noisy environments.

To enable “always on” voice wakeup of mobile devices, the CS48LV13 supports the industry’s lowest power implementation of TrulyHandsfree technology from Sensory, Inc. By combining TrulyHandsfree technology with SoundClear ASR Enhance, ultra-low power voice detection, optimised hardware and intelligent system control, the CS48LV13 provides a solution for using voice as an interface to wake up a device and the ability to always be active and on, without battery life reduction.

Implemented and optimised on what Cirrus believes is the industry’s smallest, lowest-power audio DSP, the 32-bit CS48LV12/13 includes multimedia software to enable a variety of audio and voice enhancements, using the SoundClear RAPID2 acoustic tuning tool.

Cirrus Logic; www.cirrus.com