Voice remote control options added to TI’s remote control package

June 30, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Expanding its offering in voice remote controls, Texas Instruments has added voice remote control solutions as part of its SimpleLink ultra-low power platform. These were created to help developers add ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee RF4CE or multi-standard connectivity to their designs for voice remote controls.

Developers can, TI asserts, do more with less power with the SimpleLink ZigBee RF4CE CC2620 wireless microcontroller (MCU) as well the existing Bluetooth low energy CC2640 wireless MCU or the multi-standard CC2650 solution to create remote controls with different technologies. Engineers can reuse their R&D investment for multiple standards and products. Additionally, developers can differentiate products without sacrificing battery life with advanced features such as voice-activated commands and search, gesturing, pointing and more.


The SimpleLink multi-standard CC2650 remote control development kit (CC2650RC) connects to the SimpleLink SensorTag ecosystem to expand functionality using DevPack plug-in modules: the BLE-Stack 2.2 and RemoTI 2.0 software, are part of the oerall package.


Using the MSP430FR2633 MCU with CapTIvate technology, developers can also add features such as gesture pad, capacitive buttons, sliders and grip detection to their remote designs while operating at less than 4 µA average current. TI has a blog post on its remote control reference design featuring the CC2650 wireless MCU and MSP430FR2633 MCU with CapTIvate technology.


The SimpleLink ultra-low power platform of wireless MCUs integrates an ultra-low power, multi-standard radio, ARM Cortex-M3 core, direct microphone interface, up to 31 GPIOs, and sensor controller n a single package from 4 x 4 to 7 x 7 mm.


The SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless MCU-based development kit for remote controls, CC2650RC, is priced at $49.00 including the remote control kit and quick start guide. There are also additional development kit bundles available for Bluetooth low energy and RF4CE.


The SimpleLink ZigBee RF4CE CC2620 and Bluetooth low energy CC2640 wireless MCUs arepriced at; CC2620 wireless MCU for RF4CE: $ 2.60; CC2640 wireless MCU for Bluetooth low energy: $ 2.60; CC2650 wireless MCU for multi-standard connectivity: $ 3.00 (all 1000).


TI; www.ti.com/rc