VTT and Lumichip announce joint LED company investment

January 04, 2013 // By Julien Happich
VTT Ventures Ltd and Lumichip Ltd have jointly invested in Finnish LED technology company LightTherm Ltd that uses its innovative materials and heat management solutions to introduce novel design and manufacturing capabilities for LEDs.

LightTherm's electro-thermo-mechanical technologies provide higher light output, leaner sizing and lighter weight in its products for the LED replacement lamp and luminaire industry.

The estimated global market for LED lamps is over US$20 billion, with more than 1 billion units due for manufacture in 2013. LED technology still faces some challenges, particularly where high light output is required from small compact light units. The major difficulty with LEDs is the heat sensitivity of used components and materials. Overheating can shorten the lifespan and efficiency of the LED, while light output falls below product optimal specification as temperatures rise.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland produces high-level technology solutions and innovation services for its customers. VTT Ventures Ltd supports companies exploiting new technology, from business plan through to funding.

LightTherm Ltd is VTT’s new spin-off company, whose innovative LED interconnection solution can yield better thermal characteristics and cooler semiconductor junction temperatures. This capacity for better thermal efficiency management will have a major impact on the lifetime of LEDs. Combined with new materials for lamp body production, substantial cost savings can be achieved through reduced materials, manufacturing simplicity and total production automation.

LightTherm's technologies are based on years of development, characterisation and lifetime tests carried out at VTT Technology Research Centre of Finland, which provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services.

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