Wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking kit

November 22, 2012 // By Julien Happich
At electronica, Xsens and STMicroelectronics have demonstrated what they claim to be the world's first wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking system based on consumer-grade MEMS combo sensors.

Xsens built the demonstrator by combining its patented sensor-fusion algorithms and wireless protocols with STMicroelectronics’ iNEMO-M1, the 9-axis “Smart System” using motion combo sensors together with the STM32 microprocessor. The kit which was originally designed for the professional market in movement science, the movie industry and video game animation, is now offering a complete motion-capture solution for consumer electronics applications.

Wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking could enable the next wave of innovation in cloud-connected wearable sports, fitness, healthcare and gaming sensor accessories for smartphones. “The real-time 3D body motion data enables the development of apps that can recognize and classify complex motions such as sports techniques by digitizing your exact movements for immediate feedback and live sharing of the performance” explained Per Slycke, CTO and founder, Xsens.

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