Webinars on High Voltage DC distribution trends and design considerations

January 24, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Vicor is to extend its HVDC webinar series with new sessions addressing HVDC for real-world HVDC scenarios; datacentre applications, commercial facilities, avionics, heavy machinery, military vehicles, and hybrid vehicles and transportation.

The programme is Vicor’s Power Advantage Educational Series, featuring expert design tips and techniques aimed at optimising power solution design. The six new webinars, scheduled to run from January to March, will feature guest presenters from organisations that are leading the way in high voltage DC (HVDC) deployment. These sessions will give attendees an in-depth understanding of HVDC distribution trends, implementation benefits and design considerations for a range of real-world applications.

Where previously stepping down from high DC voltages was expensive, inefficient and required large converters, new industry standards and advanced power components are enabling power engineers to simplify the DC distribution power chain, reduce conversion stages and achieve breakthrough efficiency gains without compromising system size. This trend is accelerating the adoption of HVDC architectures and systems across a wide range of mainstream applications.

The new sessions in Vicor’s HVDC webinar series will be presented and moderated by Stephen Oliver, Vice President of Vicor’s VI Chip division, in cooperation with leading HVDC experts from across the industry. Together they will help educate attendees about application-specific HVDC requirements, enabling topologies and components, and practical design approaches that optimise new and legacy equipment for HVDC. These webinars include:

* 380 VDC in the Datacentre (January 30) – Presented by David Mohr, Distinguished Technologist, Power Systems Architect, Hewlett Packard, this presentation will focus on HVDC-ready, commercially available power solutions for the datacentre, major manufacturer initiatives centric to HVDC, and important industry standards. Register for this webinar here.

* 380 VDC Infrastructure: An Engineering Perspective (February 6) – Presented by David Geary, Director of Engineering, StarLine DC Solutions, and BJ Sonnenberg, Manager Business Development, Emerson Network Power, this session will address how a 380 VDC distribution system for critical applications is put together and how it compares to the traditional topologies used today. Engineering considerations and details related to DC power distribution including grounding, safety, circuit protection and standards will be covered. Register